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Did you know your baby's brain will form over 1 million synapses every second, and by the age of three, their brain will have formed nearly 95 trillion (94,608,000,000,000)?

After year 3, the brain starts “pruning” these synapses to become more efficient. That’s why it’s so important to establish “strong” neural connections early on in life, as these connections become the foundation for future cognition.

In this post, we’ll show you how to run a Babylist Registry Search. But, we’ll also be showing you how to create a Babylist Registry full of items that promote strong synaptic connections for your lil’ one.

How to run a Babylist Registry Search

Babylist made it super easy to find a public registry. If it’s private, your list is just one extra step away.

Public Babylist Registry Search

For a Public Babylist Registry Search, simply click here and then type in the registry’s name, location, or URL.

Private Babylist Registry Search

For a Private Babylist Registry Search, you’ll need to ask the Registrant or Shower Host for the direct link they were provided when they initially registered.

If you’re the one putting the list together, Bablylist makes it fun and easy. You’ll be able to add ANY product from ANY online store, here’s how!

How to add anything to your Babylist Baby Registry

Babylist registry search to Add anything to your baby registry from any store graphic
Here’s the Chrome extension that’ll let you
add items to your Babylist Baby Registry

Once you have the Chrome extension added, all you need to do is go to your desired product page and click add to registry! Here are some gifts you may want to check out as they promote strong synaptic connections.

Babylist Registry Search for Synaptic Connection Items


Ok, we MAY be a little biased here. But we did create this book with synaptic connection creation in mind, so a little bias is fair, ya?

With two buttons and an LED, this interactive book is designed to teach your baby about basic computer logic gates in an exciting way. Your little one will explore AND, OR, NOT, and XOR gates by activating and deactivating the light on each page. Push the right buttons associated with the right gate and boom—your little genius just figured out the basics of computer engineering!

Part of the Baby Loves Science series, this book explores coding through step-by-step problem solving, logical thinking, and recognizing patterns. It teaches your baby about computers and basic coding concepts like algorithms.

Using fun interactive flaps, this book walks your child through the concept of if/then actions. Not only does this teach your little one about the basics of coding, but also about actions and consequences that happen in everyday life.

TOYS (ages 4+)

Get your mouse to the cheese by creating mazes and coding cards! This screen-free setup will be sure to indulge your child’s creative side.

Use coding cards to build models and take Sammy on a journey of your child’s choosing!

Your child creates a code and Artie 3000 creates the art—how cool is that!

Liking these types of gifts? Here’s a post we made about adding computer engineering items to your Babylist registry .

Here’s our list of 21 Babylist Registry Computer Engineer must haves.

If you’re looking for general synaptic builders, Babylist put together a fantastic list of Educational Toys.

Babylist Registry Search tips

Having trouble with your Babylist Registry Search or creating your own registry ? Contact us and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Oh, and if you thought our book was cool, here's where you can grab a copy Computer Engineering for Babies #noshameselfpromo ;)