Adding Computer Engineering items to your Babylist Registry | a step-by-step walkthrough

Babylist button add items

Some speculate that Tiger Woods was destined for success ever since he was an infant. Sitting in a high chair watching his dad practice his putting skills, it’s possible that young Tiger’s passion started in those early moments. 

There has been plenty of research surrounding the imitation learning approach, so this theory is not entirely out of the question.

It may all be theoretical, but IF it’s true, your baby could be the next Tiger Woods OR the next Einstein. Given the right environment AND the right tools, they may even develop attributes of both ;)

Well, we can cover the Einstein part at least. Here’s how to add the must-have items for Computer Engineers to your Babylist registry.

How to add Gifts to Babylist Registry

First things first, head over to this Babylist button add page, it'll take you here ->

Babylist button add items

Once you’re here, you want to make sure you can see your Bookmarks Bar. Click the View button and change your settings accordingly:

Babylist button bookmark bar

Now, drag the “Add to Babylist” button to your Bookmarks bar, release, and boom! You can now add anything you want to your baby registry. 

Let’s try it with Computer Engineering for Babies. First, go to the Computer Engineering for Babies homepage.

Now, click your “Add to Babylist” bookmark.

Et voilà! Computer Engineering for Babies is now successfully in your registry. Pretty cool, right?

Babylist Baby Registry Gifts for Computer Engineers

Once added, it’s time to start adding gifts that’ll start your newborn on their path to brilliance.

With these items, your baby will play around with the basic concepts of Computer Engineering without even knowing it!

Here are our top 5 Babylist baby registry gifts for computer engineers

Our top choice, of course ;) This interactive, light-up board book is the perfect addition to your little genius’s collection. It introduces your baby to computer logic gates in an exciting way. Check it out for yourself ->

This takes your typical ABC book to the next level. It helps your little one learn the alphabet AND simple engineering vocabulary—two birds, one stone.

They always say dress for success, well that’s exactly what your baby can do in these threads. Let the world know that your baby is an up and coming engineer AND your future coding buddy.

This kit has everything your future programmer will need to get started. Connect it to your iPad for the full learning experience.

For a screen-free option, use this alternative setup to teach your little one the basics.

Want some more examples? Here are 21 Babylist Baby Registry Items for Computer Engineers.

Babylist Registry Gift Recommendations

Do you have a gift that other Computer Engineers must have? Contact us here.

Or, purchase your copy of Computer Engineering for Babies today.