I think Computer Engineering for Babies is the coolest thing I've ever made, but I'm obviously biased.

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Hillary M Lowe
Pretty cool book

My 7 month old hasn't quite gotten interested in pushing the buttons yet; she just wants to chew on it. The book is good quality and once she's a little older, I think it will be a good learning/playing tool. I don't regret buying!

Tim Reynard


Zurab Kakabadze
Great Book

Great Book

Matthew May
Functions as described. Fun for big and small

Who doesn't like to press a button? Probably our little one's favourite activity. Looking forward to the day that she'll understand the diagrammatic logic concept behind what is being experienced going on

Lukas Fiel
great present but could be more

i love this book and ordered one as soon as i got a child. I even ordered two more for friends.

in the end i was a little sad about the amount of pages and the thick backplate. there for sure is potential.

as wenn i suggest a qrcode on every page, leading to an explanation. so parents could explain a little more detail about the circuits.

another thing i mentioned was: if this book is used in dark rooms, it will not work as it uses photoresistors.

dont get me wrong: i love this book. i am just mentioning potential