I think Computer Engineering for Babies is the coolest thing I've ever made, but I'm obviously biased.

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Rachna Mathur
Adorable book with circuit fundamentals!

I love the buttons, basic circuit design symbols which takes me back to my engineering days, and it will make a great gift for engineer parent friends!

Keith Corbett

This book is the perfect introduction to computer engineering for babies, but it's for everyone who wants to start learning about computer hardware logic. That's just about everyone. I bought this as a baby gift and had to "read" it to ensure it worked. (It does.) I enjoyed reviewing the basics of circuit logic using buttons and lights. I built something similar when I was young using dry-cell batteries and a light bulb. There's something about handling a small machine, interactive and compelling.

Omar Amaro
Great for the Office

I can finally explain the basics to management.

Christopher Smeder
My son loves this book

Thank you for taking the time and putting in the effort to make such a fun and well made book!

I don’t normally do reviews. However, because the customer support was so stellar I felt compelled.

My first order never arrived. I had forgot to pay attention when it was supposed to arrive. However, I was asked to give the book a review. I replied to the email and support looked up the tracking info and told me they would send another.

Scott Mayers
Great book, entertaining and very well made

I bought this book for my 17 month old grandson. He enjoys figuring out how the buttons work in different scenarios. I like the quality of the switches and the quality of the book overall. It's a good purchase and it's nice to have something different in the children's book category.