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Frequently Asked Questions

I bought this back in October! What's the status of my order?

If you're order includes the Big Babies book, or the Big and Small Bundle, then it's a pre-order. I expect most all the remaining orders will ship out first week of February. If you're in the US, then it shipping time is about 4-8 days. Outside the US, shipping time is usually about 2 weeks, but I've seen some take 2 months as well.

I've emailed you twice already and haven't gotten a response.

Check your spam folder. Search your inbox for anything from chase at hackyengineering. On the whole, I'm pretty good at responding to emails.

My book never showed up.

Send me an email, and I'll look up the order status, and will send a replacement if necessary.

I received my book, but it's not working as expected.

If you can't get the AND page to light up. Try pressing both buttons at the same time.

If two of the internal pages are acting the same, then the most likely cause is that one of the holes didn't get punched out all the way. In which case you should be able to just punch it out with a pencil or something.

Otherwise, reach out to me via email or through the contact-us page and I'll get you squared away with a replacement. It's also helpful to get a video of the issue.

I have entered an incorrect address.

If you're fast, then you can edit the shipping address by clicking the Edit Shipping Address button on the order confirmation. If you're slow, then you have to email me, and hopefully we can catch it before it gets shipped out. If you entered an incorrect billing address, don't worry about it; I don't think it's used for anything.

What's the age range for these books?

Based on what I've seen, the Original CE for Babies does best for babies from 1-5 years, and the Big Babies book does best for kids 2-7. But also, adults often seem to enjoy them as much as the kids.

Tell me about the battery.

Both books take a coincell (CR2032) battery that is secured with a screw. The battery should last several years. To remove it, you can undo the flap in the back, remove the safety screw, and then slide the battery out with a plastic tool or if you have really grippy fingers. Removing the safety screw can be a challenge, as it's easily stripped on some of the earlier editions. Use a #2 phillips, and don't put any more downward pressure on it than is absolutely necessary. If you've already stripped the screw, then it really helps if you can put some upward pressure on it from behind with a J shaped tool or a spoon or something. Or if you have some needle nose pliers, you can also pull up on the screw while you slowly twist..

Why can I only buy 1, 3, or 6 copies?

It's all a marketing gimmick to try to get people to buy more. I tested this, and if I just have a regular quantity selector, then the Average Order Value (AOV) is about $5 less than if I have 1, 3, 6 options. If you really just want two copies (or four), then you can checkout with one (or three), and after checkout there is an option to add another copy to your order with a discount.

Do you ship to <my country>? How long does it take?

I am partnered with a fulfillment company in the US, UK, Netherlands, and China.

Orders in the US take a couple days to ship and go out via Media Mail, which is 4-8 business days.

Orders in the UK, NL, DE, & BE usually take a day or two to fulfill, and then can take about 2-4 days to show up.

Orders anywhere else in the world ship from China, and can take up to a week to fulfill, and another 10-50 days to arrive (usually it's close to 2 weeks, but it's not terribly rare that it takes two months). Also, if you're not in the US or UK, please put a phone number on your order, or else I'm going to have to email you to get it before the order can ship out.

Tracking numbers will be updated when your order has shipped. If you don't have a tracking number after 7 business please email me, chase at hackyengineering or chase at computerengineeringforbabies.

I am not in love with my order, can it be returned? What if there is an issue?

Yeah, just send me an email and we can arrange a return.

My order hasn't shipped out yet, can I cancel it?

Of course, just send me an email and I will cancel the order.

I want to put this in my store. Do you wholesale?

That would be incredible. Yes. Please reach out to me, and I can give you wholesale pricing.

What currency are the prices I see on the site?

Prices are in USD, unless you change them at the bottom of the page to be a different currency.

I have a question that wasn't answered, how do I reach you?

Please send me a message with the form above or to chase at hackyengineering or chase at computerengineeringforbabies, and I'll take care of you.

I get quite a few emails every day, so please be patient with me. It sometimes takes me a day to respond, and often I ignore emails over the weekend.

Do you have a link back to the home page?

The coolest baby book around.