21 Babylist Baby Registry Items for Computer Engineers

Babylist registry items for computer engineers

Did you know that babies' brains double in size in just their first year? Or that their brains are 90% developed by age 5? 

Newborns create at least 60 million synapses every minute, meaning they’re constantly making new brain connections in their infancy. In fact, their neural development during this stage can determine how they think for the rest of their lives! So why waste this precious time?

If you or a friend is bringing a new life into this world, give your baby the gift of genius. 

And what better way to do that than to teach them the trade of the future: computer engineering.

How to add items to Babylist Baby Registry

add any computer engineering items to your Babylist Registry

First, check out how to add computer engineering items to your Babylist baby registry with one click.

Once you have the Chrome extension added, all you need to do is go to the product page you want, and click add to registry!

Here are some of the best Babylist registry gifts you, as a Computer Engineer, can add to your Babylist Gift Registry.

Best Babylist Baby Registry Gifts for Computer Engineers

Books for computer engineers

With two buttons and an LED, this interactive book is designed to teach your baby about basic computer logic gates in an exciting way. Your little one will explore AND, OR, NOT, and XOR gates by activating and deactivating the light on each page. Push the right buttons associated with the right gate and boom—your little genius just figured out the basics of computer engineering!

Part of the Baby Loves Science series, this book explores coding through step-by-step problem solving, logical thinking, and recognizing patterns. It teaches your baby about computers and basic coding concepts like algorithms. 

A twist on your typical ABC walkthrough, this book will teach your baby all about engineering. Every letter connects to an engineering term and includes a quick description about each concept. It’s perfect for children and adults who want to learn more about engineering vocab!

Using fun interactive flaps, this book walks your child through the concept of if/then actions. Not only does this teach your little one about the basics of coding, but also about actions and consequences that happen in everyday life. 

Ruby embarks on an adventure to find the 5 gems that her dad left behind for her. Throughout her journey, she learns about making a plan, problem solving, and the power of asking friends for help. A fun and whimsical read for you and your little one!

In this installment of Ruby’s adventures, Ruby finds that her new friend Mouse is having trouble connecting to the Cursor. The solution? Go inside the computer to find him of course! On their venture, Ruby discovers all about what makes up a computer—from bits and logic gates, to computer architecture and software. It’s a great way to teach your child all about the computers that surround us!

In the third and final book of the series, Ruby and her friends decide to build an Internet out of snow. Ruby teaches her friends all about what the Internet is and all of the magnificent things it can do. This series also includes an activity section at the end of every book where your kids can put their computer knowledge to the test. It’s perfect for all of the future coders out there!

Clothes for computer engineers

Who doesn’t love a good dad joke? Put this on your little one to get all the laughs from fellow computer engineers!

Give your baby a boost of confidence in this funny t-shirt. 

Show off your future coding buddy in this sweet bodysuit!

Your little genius creates their first program to say hello world!

Perfect for your growing little computer engineer.

Those who get it, get it. A witty bodysuit that will be sure to get a few chuckles!

A funny shirt that you can get in all sizes. Get a matching set for your baby and your partner!

Look at your baby using code to tell you exactly what they need, what a little smarty pants!

Toys for computer engineers

An all encompassing guide to coding—this hands-on STEM toy will teach your child all the programming basics they need to know.

Your child can use coding to direct Botley on his journeys and even transform him into 16 different characters. Plus, it’s entirely screen-free! 

This robot is voice-activated and makes coding for your little ones exciting. It teaches them valuable coding skills like loops, sequences, and more!

Create mazes and use coding cards to get the mouse to the cheese. This screen-free setup will be sure to indulge your child’s creative side!

Sammy the sandwich is a robot that teaches and follows code. Use coding cards to build models and take Sammy on a journey of your child’s choosing!

Artie 3000 is the perfect toy to channel your kid’s scientific and artistic side. Your child creates a code and Artie 3000 creates the art—how cool is that!

The perfect toy for all of those future rocket scientists out there. Kids can build electronic circuits that the rocket directly responds to. They can also increase the difficulty of the codes as they become more comfortable with them, meaning the learning potential never stops!

Babylist Registry Gift Recommendations

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