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Computer Engineering for Babies

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The Original Computer Engineering for Babies, featuring WIRE, NOT, OR, AND, XOR, & LATCH.
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With two buttons and an LED, the book explores basic computer logic gates, including NOT, OR, AND, XOR and a Latch. The book uses light sensors to detect which page is open and change the operands accordingly.

Please take a moment to ask yourself honestly if you:

  • have a baby

  • are planning on having a baby

  • are interested in computer engineering

  • will be attending a baby shower in the next 1-6 months

  • have a friend that looks like they might have a baby

  • are planning to be interested in computer engineering

  • know a computer engineer that acts like a baby

  • skipped the first two days of CE150

  • are learning how to read

If you fall into any of these categories, then you should definitely get a few of these.

“I just received my copy of the book and it really smashed all my expectations! The quality of the pages is top notch, the button click is excitingly satisfying and the overall presentation is superb. Thank you.”
— Chaosteil

“Language, logic, and blinking lights? How can you not love this!”
— /u/sceadwian

“Just arrived. This is so amazingly cool! 😍🥳👏”
— robert l.

“I see you're marketing it to babies but as a Senior EE University student I'm considering getting this.”
— /u/mulv1336



When my oldest was a year old, he would demand that I hold him in the air so he could flip the light switches. Each time he flipped the switch, he would jerk his head around to check the room and confirm that the lights had successfully toggled. He would have done it for hours if my arms had the strength.

This book is inspired by my sons' curiosity, and a hope that I might be able fuel that curiosity, and keep them entertained without having to suspend them in the air to toggle light switches.


The book takes a coincell (CR2032) battery that is secured with a screw. The battery should last 5-10 years. To remove it, you can undo the flap in the back, remove the safety screw, and then slide the battery out with a plastic tool or if you have really grippy fingers.

If you can't get the AND page to light up. Try pressing both buttons at the same time.

If two of the internal pages are acting the same, then the most likely cause is that one of the holes didn't get punched out all the way. You should be able to just finish punching it out with a pencil.

Otherwise, reach out to me via email or through the contact-us page and I'll get you squared away with a replacement.

Yes! It ships within Netherlands, Belgium or Germany. Check out the Dutch version here!
However, the sequel for Big Babies will be English only for the time being.

Yes! It ships anywhere in the world. Check out the German version here!
However the sequel for Big Babies will be English only for the time being.

No. Unfortunately not. សុំទោស បង

Customer Reviews

Based on 722 reviews
Filipo giacomini

Computer Engineering for Babies

Fabrizio Rizzo
Sassy 3 year old

Thank you for such a captivating and fascinating book. Our 3-yo loves the buttons, the lights, and is beginning to internalize the logic patterns. Now when we give him choices for meals, clothes selections, whatever… he asks: “Is it an exclusive or?” Cracks me up and couldn’t be more proud of him. Thank you, and can’t wait for the Big babies book to ship!

Artur Walz

molt bonic!

András Adorjáni

Computer Engineering for Babies

Elise P
Wonderful book

My 1-year-old daughter loves this book! She loves pressing buttons and loves lights so this was perfect for her. Definitely her favorite book now and very clever. My husband also loves it.