Computer Engineering for Babies
Computer Engineering for Babies
Computer Engineering for Babies
Baby girl with Computer Engineering for Babies Book
Example of an And Gate
Simple RS latch.

Computer Engineering for Babies

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Expected to ship May 2022

The book has 6 pages. Each page has a different function; WIRE, NOT, OR, AND, XOR and LATCH. Sensors in the book detect which page you are on so that the buttons can have different functions depending on the active page.

For example, when you are open to the NOT page the LED is on as long as the button is NOT being pressed. And on the AND page, the LED lights up when both buttons are being pressed. Each page lights the LED with a different color.


The book contains a small replaceable battery. From the back cover, you can remove the battery flap, and with a screwdriver remove the set screw to get access to the battery.

This is a pre-order of the book. Estimated shipping is May 2022.

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