Computer Engineering for BIG Babies
Computer Engineering for BIG Babies
Computer Engineering for BIG Babies
Computer Engineering for BIG Babies
Computer Engineering for BIG Babies

Computer Engineering for BIG Babies

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The Sequel

CE for Big Babies is the next step in continuing education, and putting you and your kids in the good graces of the General AI that is sure to take over the world. The book picks up where the original CE for Babies left off. And, like the first book, it's way too short with six pages. It explores D-Latches, a Shift Register, a Multiplexer, a Decoder, and reading and writing from Addressable Memory.

Custom Switches and 5x the lights

Buttons are old and boring. You know what is new and exciting? Switches. Similar to the buttons in the first book, this book has nice large switches that kids can flip easily, have great tactile feedback, and are just fun!

You might have thought one LED was a good time. Just wait until you see all the learning that happens when we quintuple the light count!

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Customer Reviews

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IEEE Required Reference :D

Absolutely phenomenal. I bought Computer Engineering for Babies for all of my kids, nieces, and nephews as Christmas gifts last year, and I'm doing the same with Computer Engineering for Big Babies this year. It's even better! It does an awesome job of providing a hands-on experience for learning how memory works. I'm actually not joking when I say that these should be in every IEEE classroom.

We need more of these! Maybe even ones that cover circuits (like resistors, transistors, and diodes) and maybe even eventually common ICs, like 555 timers (though, that might be a bit ambitious).

This could turn into an exceptional series of books that are also highly educational, especially when it doesn't necessarily mean to be!

Thanks so much for this review. I'm going to be smiling all morning now.

Austin Graham

Computer Engineering for BIG Babies

Matthew Yates
Baby Engineering

Only thing I would add is an explanation of the function that is happening and why it is useful.

Christine Woodruff
Its super cool

We had fun playing with it before we wrapped it and put it in the gift bag!!

Isabela Costa
Well done and clever

All the waiting was completely worthwhile! The book is really well done and it works flawlessly from the get-go. I'm very satisfied and foresee several years of playing and learning for my friend's big baby =D