AY Synapses CE for Babies YouTube Review

AY Synapses CE for Babies YouTube review

Babies are smart. AY Synapses gets it.

This book isn’t about teaching your child how to code the next Uber for diapers, it’s about introducing concepts that will stay in their brain for years to come.

Below you’ll find AY Synapses CE for Babies YouTube Review in its entirety.

AY Synapses CE for Babies YouTube Review

Hello guys, So today I want to show you this book I got online, it’s called Computer Engineering for Babies, it’s actually Electrical Engineering for babies as well.

This book is very good to buy for babies, your kids don’t have to be computer engineers, but this book has some of the basic skills everyone should have. Right?

I think everyone that’s 15 years and below should have some basic skills; like computer engineering, computer science, web development, electrical engineering. Because the world is changing fast, you know.

AY Synapses and Basic Logic Skills

Logic gates and latches

Like in the future, if you want to build a web page, you should have to go look for someone to build it for you. If you want to build a simple site, you should be able to do it yourself. Ya?

So this book, I got it online, it’s for babies. It just helps them understand how computers work. If they use the book for just one month, and just straight away you think that you would forget about it, but the information is in their brain.

And they grow up and they need to use this skill, they remember. So that’s why I love this book.

You can see from the beginning, you have your wire, it’s not connected. So if you click on this (button) then you see that this is a switch, this button.

Logic gates and Latches

Logic gates and latches

This next one is a NOT gate. So by default this is on. So if you want to turn it off, you just press this. So they will be able, somewhere in their brain, will be able to map this symbol. The brain is really really complex.

So this is the OR gate. So if this is pressed, this is one. If this is pressed, this is on. So this is very useful if you have a doorbell in your house. You can ring it from the front door or the back door. Both doors are connected using this OR gate. So if you press the bell from the front or the back the bell will ring.

So yeah, it’s really nice.

This is the AND gate. So the AND gate is, both have to be on for this (light) to come on. If you do this or do this (either button individually) nothing will come on. So again, the babies, miraculously, one way or the other, will be able to figure out that this symbol is related to this operation.

So then the XOR, a little bit more complex. Either is on to come on. If both are on, no. Either have to be on.

So the last one, the latch. If I press this, it will come on. YOu have to reset it for this to go off. 

So I mentioned that this guy (Chase Roberts), controlled the whole book with a light sensor. Each page works with a light sensor. So if I covered all of these, this would turn into a NOT gate. It’s a really smart way to make it work.

By the way, here's a post we did about the tech in Computer Engineering for Babies if you wanna learn about the other cool tricks we used to create this book.

Teaching Basic Logic with Computer Engineering for Babies 

Teaching basic logic with Computer Engineering for Babies

So yeah, there you have it, Computer Engineering for Babies. You know, you don’t have to buy this, just buy anything engineering related for kids. Let them use it for a month or two and the information will stay in the brain.

So I'm going to leave the link  in the comments below so you can buy it.

I must mention, I don't know the guy that did this, this is not a promo. I just saw the ad online and loved it.

And again, this is not designed by a company, it’s designed by a guy that wanted to teach his kid engineering. And it teaches well, so he thought, why not sell it to everyone. So that’s why we have it.

So I really recommend it. Your kids don’t have to be an engineer, but they need these skills.

Final thoughts on the AY Synapses CE for Babies YouTube Review

Follow AY Synapses advice, get your kids started early. They’ll remember more than you think.

Here’s the link for your copy of Computer Engineering for Babies.

Contact us and let you know how you like it.