2023 Mother's Day | Gift ideas for Computer Engineers

Mother showing baby how to play with Computer Engineering for Babies

Mother's Day comes around every year on the second Sunday of May. This year, Mother’s Day falls on May 14th.

Mother’s Day is a holiday that reminds us to show our moms a little extra love, just like they give us year round.

If gift giving is your love language and you have a tech-loving engineer mom, here are the top 2023 Mother’s Day gifts you'll want to check out!

Mother’s Day 2023 | Gifts for Engineers

Containing two buttons and an LED, this interactive book will teach you all about basic computer logic gates. It’s so simple, even a baby can understand it.

A fun ode to computer hardware, this floppy disk notebook is perfect for engineers to get their thoughts down.

If you’re the engineer in your mom’s life and you want to show the world how awesome you are, this is the gift for you.

Who wouldn’t want to sip coffee out of this? It’s a perfect reminder of just how brilliant the engineer in your life is.

Sure to get a few chuckles from any engineer who sees it—this is a perfect gift for your computer geeky mom.

Engineering t-shirt gift for 2023 Mother's Day

Artie 3000 is the perfect toy to channel your engineer’s scientific and artistic side. The user creates a code and Artie 3000 creates the art—how cool is that!

Give your engineer the gift of unstrained eyes. These glasses block out harmful blue light and are essential for long days at the computer.

Fill it up with coffee and get to work! This mug is a great gift for your engineer who probably knows this cycle a little too well. 

These coasters are the perfect complement to the coder mug listed above. They’re a great desk piece that comes in handy when you need ‘em!

Can you smell that? It smells like a successful engineer! This candle is perfect for sending a loved one off to engineering school, or for an alumni wanting to relive the good ‘ol days.

Sitting at a desk for hours every day can be uncomfortable. Help your engineer relax by giving them this portable neck and shoulder massager. It’s like a spa day at work!

Neck & Shoulder massager for Computer Engineer gift for 2023 Mother's Day

Help keep your engineer’s keyboard looking shiny and fresh! This kit is the perfect for keeping keyboards in tip-top shape. 

Why stop at just the keyboard? Your engineer can use this cleaner/cloth duo to safely wipe away all the dust and fingerprints on their computer screen. Their setup will be looking good as new!

An extraordinary set of flashcards that also doubles as a game with friends. This is a great way for your engineer to brush up on some programming knowledge and have fun doing it!

Let guests know your quirky sense of humor before they even walk through the door. This mat is the perfect gift to make your engineer feel more at home… no pun intended. 

Tough day of coding? Bugs and errors left and right? Been there. Here’s a great way to relieve some of that stress so your engineer can get right back to it tomorrow!

Computer Engineer adult coloring book gift for 2023 Mother's Day

This one is useful and a great reminder of how cool computer engineering is. Win-win?

This is a perfect way for engineers looking to bond with the kids in their life. What better way to do that than share their passion with little ones looking to learn? 

A cute, cozy, computer engineering hoodie? Truly, what could be better? This sweatshirt will be perfect for chilly weather, or even just long days at the office. 

When getting in the zone, it’s important to block out any outside sounds and distractions. These noise canceling headphones are the perfect way for your engineer to do just that!

World Engineering Day

If you’re looking for more ways to celebrate the engineer in your life, check out World Engineering Day, which falls on March 4th of each year.

We may have missed it this year, but be sure to mark your calendars for the next one.

Mother’s Day 2023 Gifts your engineer will love

Can you think of any other gifts that you think all engineers should have? Contact us and let us know.

Btw, here's the purchase link fo the first gift we mentioned, Computer Engineering for Babies.

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