CE for Babies July Update

Books are Done!

Yes, the Computer Engineering for Babies books are done! Since the last update, things have been moving along really well. The circuit boards were completed, the books have been assembled, and they are now on a boat! I've been told this is the "fast" boat, so the books should arrive here in the next 3-4 weeks. My wife, and sister-in-law, and I will then be shipping them out as quickly as we can once they arrive.

There was one small screw up on my part. For those outside the United States, it's cheaper and faster to have the books shipped directly to you, rather than having them shipped to the US and then turning around to ship them across the world. So the original plan was to have the manufacturer hold onto half the books and send them directly to those outside US. However, I didn't communicate that early enough, and too many books were loaded onto the boat. So about half of the international orders will need to be fulfilled from the US. And the other half of the international orders will start shipping out in the next week or two.

Lastly, please check the link to confirm that I have your correct shipping address, and you can update the shipping address if needed. I also need a phone number for the orders outside the US. If the address looks good, no additional action is needed. And I should have about 20% extra books for this batch, so if you want to add any additional copies to your order, you can do that here as well:


And thank you for your patience. You probably know that engineers are terrible at estimating timelines. I know that I told most of you to expect it in May, and it's almost 4 months behind. I'm sincerely sorry about the delay, and hope that when you get the book it will be worth all the extra waiting.