Fathers Day 2023 - Modern gifts for techie engineer dads

Father's Day 2023

When is Father's Day this year and what should you get that tech loving engineer of a dad? Let's get straight into it.

Father’s Day 2023 Date in the US

Father's Day comes around every year on the third Sunday of June in the United States.

In 2023, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 18th.

Father’s Day 2023 | 15 Gifts for Engineers

These are the top 15 Father’s Day gifts we’ve found while scouring the interwebs. All of them are sure to put a smile on the Father in your life's face.


    It’s the AND gate of gifts on this list.

    Yes, we wrote it (input, 1) AND yes, we would like to receive each of these for Father's Day this year (input, 1). That’s why you're seeing this list (output, 1).

    If that comparison made no sense to you, this book will be as much for you as it will be for your dad. It’s also great for the “know-it-all” dad, or for the dad that truly does know it all.


    Linux Cloud Computer Dad

      It's a Father's Day gift list, so of course we had to include a dad joke or two.


      Arduino Starter Kit

        Arduino is what we used to make Computer Engineering for Babies, so obviously it gets listed a spot above the Raspberry Pi ;)

        There are all sorts of fun things you can build with Arduino. And if your pops builds the next banger on Kickstarter, make sure to send us the link so we can back it!


        Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

          Not quite as cool as the Arduino starter kit, but still worthy of a mention…

          Totally kidding. We love ourselves some Raspberry Pi. In fact, we built a robot with Raspberry Pi that dominates the Wordscapes Crossword Game, check it out!

          Again, if the father in your life creates something cool, send it our way, we’d love to check it out.


          Gadget Discovery Tech Subscription Box

            Only sending techie gadgets that have received 4-5 customer rating stars, this subscription box sends out the latest tech before it’s cool, once a quarter.


            Kiwico STEM Subscription Box

              Another subscription, but this one lets you explore engineering concepts to build your own gadgets.

              Explore electric motors and torque when building your own pencil sharpener. Explore the science of sound waves when building your own Ukulele. This one’s fun pops and the fam.


              Retro Apple Macintosh Desk Topper

                Celebrate Father’s Day like it’s 1984.


                  If your dad thinks he’s JP from Grandma’s Boy, you’ve got to get him this overly extravagant desk.


                  Ergonomic Office Chair

                    If you don’t have the courage to tell your dad that the hours he’s putting into his computer are showing, you can always do the passive route and just get him one of these.


                    World's Largest Coffee Mug

                      A gift on the gaggy end. The world's largest coffee cup, because, well…it’s funny…


                      Circuit Board Coasters

                        If only these coasters were slightly bigger, they would be the perfect compliment to the aforementioned “World’s Largest Coffee Mug”.

                        But alas, it’s unlikely you’ll get both items from this list, so these will work great with your dads normal sized coffee cup.


                        Floppy Disk Coaster Storage Box

                          And the floppy disk coaster storage box for the floppy disk coasters you probably got the Father in your life last year.


                          Code works. Code doesn't work shirt

                            Sometimes the most obvious things are the most funny. After all, that’s how the best comedians succeed.

                            Don’t worry, if you don’t get this one, they will.


                            Computer Programmer Lego Minifigure

                              Because who doesn’t love a collectable lego?

                              Lego really does a great job at making everyone feel included, don’t they? Or they just nailed the niche marketing game…?

                              Whichever it is, this is the Lego they created for your engineering dad.


                              Computer Chip Wall Art

                                A picture says a thousand words.


                                World Engineering Day

                                If you’re looking for more ways to celebrate the engineer in your life, check out World Engineering Day, which falls on March 4th of each year.

                                We may have missed it this year, but be sure to mark your calendars for the next one.

                                Thanks for checking out our list of gifts we think your engineer will love on Father’s Day 2023

                                Can you think of any other gifts that you think all engineers should have? Let us know.

                                While you're here, below is a link for the AND Gate of this article, Computer Engineering for Babies.